Host Tom Shaughnessy of Delphi Digital ( is joined by Jake Yocom-Piatt, an original co-founder of the cryptocurrency Decred. 

It's incredible to speak with Jake and learn about how he built Decred with its anonymous co-founders, all of their struggles and success and where the crypto is going.

We go into Decred’s hybrid consensus mechanism, its on-chain treasury, easy voting on consensus changes and the use of the treasury through the wallet decredition and so much more.

While Decred is a smaller crypto $250M market cap, but Jake explains why he believes Decred is not only competitive to BTC but could over take it. 


Disclosure: Tom Shaughnessy owns tokens in BTC, ETH, DCR, MKR, XTZ and Loom. This podcast is NOT investment advice and is only informational. Do not make investment decisions based upon this podcast. Delphi Digital was not compensated by any party for this podcast episode other than Podbean's advertisers. This content is strictly informational and is not a solicitation to buy or sell any security or token.


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