Chain Reaction Host Tom Shaughnessy hosts Sam Kazemian, the Founder of Frax Finance to discuss the project. This is the second in a series of podcasts on Algorithmic stablecoins. The trio discuss Frax’s creation, technicals around expansion/contraction of supply, competition, risks and much more including why Frax could be the most stable vs its competitors.

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Show Notes

(2:02) – (First Question) - Sam Kazemian's Background.

(4:37) – Frax Finance Elevator Pitch.

(10:39) – What is being used as Collateral in Frax.

(15:50) – Frax Stablecoin vs FXS governance token.

(18:23) – Relation between USDC and FXS / Insights about the process.

(21:11) – Insights about the Value Capture.

(23:34) – The growth process.

(25:33) – Where is the Collateral pool kept.

(28:48) – What happens when the price of FRAX goes sub $1.

(33:18) – How do people earn more of the Governance Token / Rewards Walkthrough.

(36:11) – How APY could offset Impermanent Loss.

(38:21) – How the Supply of FXS could get absorbed.

(39:27) – How many people are Time Locking their Stake.

(42:04) – Once you use all the Yield Farming Rewards, What's next.

(47:42) – The Dichotomy between ESD and Frax.

(54:35) – Where to find Sam Kazemian.

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