The Delphi Podcast Host Tom Shaughnessy, The Spartan Group’s Jason Choi and Paul Burlage of Delphi host Scoopy Trooples, the co-founder of Alchemix

The conversation covers Alchemix as a project, how the protocols loans repay themselves over time, the ALCX token and value accrual, audience questions and much more. This episode was originally aired live on Clubhouse.

Disclosure: Delphi Ventures is long ALCX tokens. 

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Show Notes:

(1:12) - (First Question) The Elevator Pitch for Alchemix.

(3:50) - How to use Alchemix

(5:29) - What is the alternative for people to use Alchemix?

(11:41) - Alchemix as a useful tool for newcomers to Crypto.

(13:11) - Cross Asset ideas with Alchemix.

(14:32) - How the peg for Al USD is maintained

(19:17) - Why Alchemix is needed as a separate product

(25:49) - Striking a good balance between wanting to reward the stakers, but also taking the minimal amount you can so that everyone's loans are repaid faster.

(27:50) - Biggest challenges for Alchemix.

(30:45) - How Alchemix handles yield farming incentives and emissions

(35:35) - What’s on the roadmap for Alchemix?

(40:39) - Thoughts on Institutions moving into the DeFi ecosystem.

(43:19) -The composability aspect of Alchemix?

(45:20) - Thoughts on projects providing some way for people not in crypto, but "normies" to get a higher yield by providing their checking account balances basically.

(49:28) - Risks that could harm the longevity of Alchemix.

(52:04) - Is the loan coming from the yields or from the collateral?

(54:15) - Thoughts on the different interoperability that needs to have the layers2.



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