Jose Maria Macedo and Jonathan Erlich sit down with Yenwen Feng and Nicholas Tong to discuss all things Perpetual Protocol, the largest decentralized perpetuals trading platform by volume. They explore Perpetual’s success to date and dive into all the details behind the upcoming Perpetual Protocol v2.

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Show Notes

(2:12) – (First Question) – Yenwen and Nick's background and what brought them to crypto.

(5:09) – What is a perpetual future contract / Motivations for Perpetual V2.

(8:41) – Perpetual V1 / vAMM architecture.

(11:19) – Process to start a market in Perp V1 and what parameters are needed before creating a market.

(17:34) – Reasons for the success of Perp V1 and V2 and how intense growth has been experienced from the team’s perspective.

(23:40) - Biggest learnings from Perp V1.

(26:07) - How Perp V2 works.

(32:19) - Yenwen's thoughts on the design trade-offs and where does Perpetual sit.

(34:50) - Advantage of adopting a Uniswap V3 style model versus a centralized limit order book model.

(40:36) - Yenwen's thoughts on scaling perp long-term.

(41:48) - Decentralized vs. centralized derivatives

(44:35) - How the decentralized derivatives market will look like in 5–10 years from now.

(47:44) - Where to find Perpetual Protocol.



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