The Delphi Podcast Host and GP of Delphi Ventures Tom Shaughnessy and Delphi’s Head of Research, Medio Demarco, are joined by Eli Ben-Sasson, and Uri Kolodny, Co-Founders of StarkWare, a suite of validity-based blockchain scaling and privacy solutions. Topics discussed include how StarkWare stacks up against other scaling solutions, achieving low transaction costs, developing a vibrant StarkNet dApp ecosystem, and much more.

Show Notes: 

(00:00:00) – Introduction.

(00:02:44) – Guests’ backgrounds.

(00:03:39) – Overview of StarkWare.

(00:07:03) – Coding with Cairo on StarkWare. 

(00:10:14) – Deploying game logic on top of Starknet.

(00:11:48) – The low cost of transactions. 

(00:16:34) – Implementation speed for integrating dApps. 

(00:19:44) – How StarkWare compares to optimistic rollups. 

(00:24:42) – Platforms building on top of StarkWare.

(00:27:39) – What success for StarkWare looks like. 

(00:28:52) – Data availability, sharding, and Validium.

(00:33:08) – Transaction costs on Validium vs. ZK. 

(00:36:19) – Addressing critiques of StarkWare. 

(00:43:30) – Being ahead of schedule.

(00:45:28) – Building a community without a token. 

(00:46:34) – Game-changing applications on Starknet. 

(00:50:07) – Attracting traditional gaming franchises. 

(00:53:06) – Best advice from Eli and Uri.

(00:57:44) – How to get involved with StarkWare.

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