Guest Host and Head of Delphi Labs Jose Maria Macedo sits down with Sawit Trisirisatayawong, General Manager of Nebula Protocol, a community governed protocol that enables customized dynamic ETFs (clusters) and indices on Terra. The two discuss Nebula’s dynamic rebalancing design, the governance process for clusters, potential use-cases for cluster tokens, and much more! 

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Show Notes: 

(00:00:00) – Introduction.

(00:01:33) – Sawit’s background. 

(00:06:29) – Choosing to build on Terra. 

(00:10:38) – Choosing to build an index protocol.

(00:18:28) – Overview of Nebula.

(00:22:59) – Asset weight rebalancing explained. 

(00:30:49) – Nebula’s rebalancing mechanism design. 

(00:35:51) – The governance process around clusters on Nebula. 

(00:43:46) – Setting the rebalancing parameters. 

(00:45:43) – The step-by-step process of rebalancing.

(00:50:32) – Cash flow streams for index creators. 

(00:52:08) – The products launching on Nebula. 

(00:57:37) – Bringing over assets from other chains. 

(00:59:27) – Finding out users’ demand for specific assets. 

(01:03:45) – Use cases for cluster tokens. 

(01:07:53) – How to find out more about Nebula. 

(01:08:57) – What Sawit is most excited about for Terra. 

(01:11:20) – How Nebula ties into the real world. 

(01:12:59) – Closing thoughts. 

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