Chain Reaction Host Tom Shaughnessy  hosts Teddy Woodward and Jeff Wu of Notional Finance.  

Notional is a protocol on Ethereum that facilitates fixed rate, fixed-term lending and borrowing of crypto-assets via a novel financial primitive called fCash. Fixed rate financing touches all corners of the modern financial markets. The majority of US debt is issued at fixed interest rates because they provide certainty and minimize risk for market participants. Notional brings this capability to the decentralized financial system on Ethereum and gives crypto users that same access to stable financing.

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Show Notes:

(1:17) – (First Question) - Teddy’s Background.

(3:11) – Jeff’s Background.

(6:02) – Notional Finance Elevator Pitch.

(8:33) – Key Differences between Notional Finance and other competitors.

(11:50) – Rates / Collateralization Walkthrough.

(14:42) – Thoughts about liquidity Fragmentation.

(16:23) – The Collateralization Framework.

(18:01) – Insights about DEV / Smart Contracts.

(22:55) – How Notional affects DeFi.

(26:34) – Will Notional attract Traditional Investors.

(28:24) – What’s on the roadmap for Notional Finance.

(29:56) – Notional vs. Compound?

(33:09) – Notional Finance Team.

(34:00) – Does Notional need a Community.

(36:10) – How does the model work (to earn money).

(36:49) – Where to find Notional Finance.


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