The Delphi Podcast Host and GP of Delphi Ventures  Tom Shaughnessy hosts Tascha Punyaneramitdee of Alpha Finance. The two discuss Alpha’s token economic plan (staking and unlocked features per product), value accrual, backstopping risk in the platform, growing to take on DeFi giants while staying nimble and releasing cutting edge products, AlphaX’s perpetual product and much more. Tascha is a magical founder. 

As a recap, we originally hosted Tascha on December 4, 2020 - view this episode here.

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Show Notes:

(2:19) - (First Question) Alpha Finance Overview.

(5:28) - Alpha Token’s staking Tiers.

(9:26) - AlphaX, a leveraged trading perpetual swap onchain.

(12:40) - The process behind the design of the user interface.

(15:35) - Thoughts about how Alpha Homora will work with Uniswap V3.

(19:54) - Alpha’s Risks.

(22:22) - Thoughts on Layer 2s.

(24:12) - Alpha's target / retail users and funds / DeFi protocols.

(26:51) - Flip side of staking, where you have one pool of capital that’s inherently protecting multiple products?

(29:21) - What’s next for Alpha?

(32:29) - Thoughts on the direction of Alpha long-term.

(35:17) - Dealing with Culture clashes.

(38:31) - Thoughts on Alphas decentralization.

(43:15) - How do you stay small enough to be able to offer the innovative DeFi products that got you here?




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