The Delphi Podcast Host and GP of Delphi Ventures Tom Shaughnessy sits down with Gregg, Instigator and Genesis Team of SquiggleDAO, a DAO foundry for on-chain generative art. The two discuss the role of Squiggles within the community,  bootstrapping its treasury, incentivising DAO work, and much more!

Show Notes: 

(00:00:00) – Introduction.

(00:00:17) – What is a Squiggle?

(00:01:29) – How Gregg got into Squiggles.

(00:02:52) – Introduction to SquiggleDAO.

(00:05:18) – The effects of SquiggleDAO’s entry requirements on the community.

(00:08:00) – The role of Squiggles within the DAO. 

(00:10:35) – Current community projects.

(00:13:07) – Gregg’s role within the DAO. 

(00:16:26) – The SquiggleDAO treasury. 

(00:19:12) – Why members were willing to part with valuable art pieces.

(00:25:00) – The value of SquiggleDAO tokens. 

(00:27:17) – Hunting for rare Squiggles.

(00:28:43) – How SquiggleDAO operates.

(00:33:40) – Are members’ worth in Squiggles a factor?

(00:35:22) – Reputation vs. incentives as motivators.

(00:38:12) – Using rare Squiggle fractions vs. floor Squiggles for DAO entry. 

(00:39:47) – Expanding beyond Squiggles. 

(00:43:08) – Success metrics for SquiggleDAO.  

(00:45:30) – Closing thoughts.

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