Chain Reaction Host Tom Shaughnessy hosts SBF, the CEO of FTX and Alameda Research. The two cover SBF's journey in creating Alameda Research, engaging in arbitrage, and why @ProjectSerum on @solana goes way beyond being a DEX 🚀

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Show Notes

(2:58)    – (First Question) - When did SBF get involved in Crypto

(3:36)   – Alameda, a non-traditional internal Quant Fund

(6:40)   – Where does Alameda’s alpha come from

(11:26)   – Moving fast in a limited information environment

(17:48)   – The future of launches with figureheads

(21:56)   – Future of Alameda

(24:13)   – The thinking behind Serum

(30:17)   – Serum and Scaling

(32:40)   – Creating killer apps without a community

(35:07)   – Goal for Serum/Serum core purposes

(39:44)   – Serum much more than a DEX.

(42:34)   – Composability, one of the most important things in DEFI 

(43:59)   – Ethereum vs Serum

(45:06)   – Serum launchment on a short period of time

(47:20)   – Making Money or Building

(49:00)   – SBF biggest competitor




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