Host Tom Shaughnessy of Delphi Digital ( is joined by Tyrone V. Ross Jr, a managing partner at Noble Bridge Wealth Management. 

The long story short is Tyrone is the crypto wealth manager of the future. Tyrone has decided to differentiate his practice by offering his wealth management services to the general public, unlike the majority of wealth managers and financial advisors who not only won’t help or touch crypto assets, but frankly most are not up to speed on the space.

It’s great to hear Tyrone’s journey, his unreal energy, and how he helps clients across the spectrum with their crypto assets. While normal routines like crypto custody, buying/selling, and what to do in certain situations is easy for crypto natives to understand, Tyrone is serving the needs of the wider population outside of the crypto echo chamber. We need to educate and help the global population who are not crypto native get involved with crypto, and thats what Tyrone is doing every day.

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