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November 12, 2018

John Quinn: How StorJ Is Battling Cloud Competitors (AWS/Azure) and Decentralized Peers (Filecoin, Sia, Maidsafe)


John Quinn, the Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer at StorJ joins host Tom Shaughnessy to discuss the decentralized storage provider. 

  • Decentralized (StorJ, Sia, Filecoin, Maidsafe) vs Centralized storage providers (AWS, Azure)
  • How StorJ is more focused on competing with centralized cloud providers over its decentralized peers.
  • What's new in the comprehensive StorJ Version 3.0 White Paper (90+ pages).
  • How the StorJ platform works, metrics so far (100 petabytes stored globally).
  • StorJ's token dynamics.
  • Why decentralized storage is needed since mass data can not be stored on-chain.
  • What the future holds for decentralized storage and StorJ
  • StorJ's timeline (2Q18 full launch for V3)
  • Why uptime for nodes on StorJ is more important than bandwidth speed or storage capacity.


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StorJ V3 Whitepaper

StorJ Blog on Security and Encryption

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