The Delphi Podcast Host and GP of Delphi Ventures Tom Shaughnessy sits down with Jeff Dorman, Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of Arca, an asset management firm offering institutional-calibre products for sophisticated investors to gain exposure to digital assets. The two discuss Arca’s SushiSwap proposal, merging traditional finance and crypto, Jeff’s biggest lessons as a CIO, and much more.

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Show Notes: 

(00:00:00) – Introduction.

(00:02:40) – Overview of Arca. 

(00:04:30) – Jeff’s approach to time management.

(00:06:27) – Making decisions as a CIO.

(00:09:45) – Biggest learnings from transitioning into a CIO. 

(00:11:21) – The investment process at Arca. 

(00:15:27) – What young crypto professionals are lacking today. 

(00:19:46) – Biggest learning from crypto in 2021.

(00:22:30) – Filtering potential investments. 

(00:24:58) – The SushiSwap deal.

(00:36:45) – Jeff’s thoughts on activist investing.

(00:38:18) – Selling vs. active participation.  

(00:42:00) – Traditional finance and crypto. 

(00:47:02) – Envisioning the merge of TradiFi and crypto.

(00:55:43) – Jeff’s thoughts on regulations.

(01:00:35) – Jeff’s best advice.

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