Chain Reaction Host Tom Shaughnessy hosts Frank Mong, the COO of Helium. The two discuss Helium’s plans to grow nodes from ~12K much higher and globally, HIP20 which will hard cap supply while allowing the network to run and future plans of WiFi and 5G. We previously covered Helium in a post in December 2019.

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Show Notes

(1:38)   –  (First Question)  What is Helium Network

(2:50)    –  Helium’s Incentive Structure

(6:40)    –  Insights about Helium’s community

(13:39)    –   HNT and crypto

(21:10)    –   How do you think people will interact with Helium

(24:28)    –   Helium now has 12000 nodes

(28:20)    –   If you want to drive demand you need to have the network available

(29:40)    –   Global wireless networks

(30:52)    –   Status of HIP 20

(35:35)    –   Insights about Helium’s Usage

(39:25)    –   Incentivizing the community

(42:17)    –   Helium biggest Risks

(46:42)    –   Helium, a network that could provide 5G network coverage around the world



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