Delphi Podcast Host Tom Shaughnessy  hosts an expert panel to discuss their top DeFi/Crypto plays for 2021. 

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Show Notes:

(4:09) - (First Question) Top plays for 2021.

(4:10) - Sasha’s top plays.

(6:46) - Hassan ’s top plays.

(10:28) - Dan E’s top plays.

(12:53) - Andrew’s top plays.

(15:56) - Ryan’s top plays.

(19:25) - Dan M’s top plays.

(22:12) - TM’s top plays.

(28:20) - Thoughts on buying NFTs that have no utility.

(38:30) - Thoughts on how the Native Crypto Art World will look in the future.

(39:20) - Why is Bancor attracting so much liquidity now?

(42:33) - Thoughts on The SBF trade.

(47:30) - Thoughts on IL vs. Data slippage /Risks of data slippage.

(50:30) - Ember Sword.

(53:22) - Thoughts on Yield Farming explosion.


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