Following Tether (USDT) losing its peg to the USD and dipping to $0.92, we have the Founder and CEO of MakerDAO Rune Christensen on the podcast to discuss MakerDAO's Dai stablecoin and the MKR token. 

The conversation deep dive into how the MKR system works, how Dai maintains its peg, Andreessen Horowitz's investment in MKR and the future of the system.


- Dai vs Tether; how Tether will be replaced eventually


- An update on multi-collateral Dai. There will be multiple collateral types for Dai including even security tokens.


- How other stable coins complement Dai (on-ramps, off-ramps, Dai is the bridge between other stablecoins)


- Stablecoin use cases (finance, dApps, remittances)


- How MakerDAO’s token holders are actually in control of the network today (MKR).


- Discussion on Dai’s stability mechanisms and the future ways to make Dai even more stable (Dai savings rate account adjustments)


- The game theory aligning MKR token holders with the growth of the platform and Dai.


- What a16z brings MakerDAO, their purchase of 6% of MKR tokens and their lockup period. @katie_haun


51percent's Deep Dive and Valuation Model on MakerDAO


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Disclosure: Tom Shaughnessy owns tokens in ETH and MKR, and does not own Dai. This podcast is NOT investment advice and is only informational. Do not make investment decisions based upon this podcast. MakerDAO did NOT compensate Tom Shaughnessy or 51percent Crypto Research for this podcast. 

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