Chain Reaction Host Tom Shaughnessy hosts Diane, the co-founder of DODO. They discuss DODO, the proactive market maker that's competing with Uniswap and others AMMs. DODO has $100M in its pools, but Diane explains why it's much more efficient vs peers.


Show Notes

(1:31)    – (First Question) How Diane Dai started in Crypto

(3:25)   – Dodo’s Elevator Pitch

(4:01)   – Insights about Dodo’s Competitors

(4:57)   – Dodo’s Status

(5:55)   – Today’s Dodo Assets

(7:21)   – Proactive Market Makers vs. Automated Market Makers

(9:26)   – How Dodo provides contract-fillable liquidity

(14:09)  – Handling Impermanent Loss

(16:37)  – Dodo, a PMM algorithm beating Uniswap

(19:25)  – The importance of Single Risk Exposure for Dodo

(21:08)  – Dodo, a cute cause for the community

(22:57)  – Dodo Token function

(25:17)  – Thinking through competing for the community

(27:45)  – The future of Dodo

(29:52)  – The 3 keys focus of Dodo




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