Chain Reaction Host Tom Shaughnessy hosts Colin Evran of Filecoin and Protocol Labs. The two discuss Filecoin's launch, why the project is a storage layer that transcends borders to persist for generations, and why Filecoin is way more than just storage!

Filecoin raised $200M+ in an ICO and is one of the space’s most anticipated projects.

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Show Notes

(1:02)    – Finally! Filecoin launched

(1:40)    – How long have Colin Evran been working on Filecoin

(3:10)    – 5 Web’s problems

(5:08)    – What is Filecoin / Filecoin’s benefits 

(7:56)    – Filecoin, there has to be an alternative in the future

(11:20)    – Filecoin, an amazing ecosystem

(12:23)    – How does Filecoin incentivize people to be miners

(14:49)    – Filecoin, an ecosystem of differents use cases

(17:22)    – Filecoin Token’s role within the network

(21:15)    – Proof of Replication / Proof of Space Time

(22:58)    – Filecoin Magical Feature

(25:40)    – What does Colin Evran like to see built in the future

(29:52)    – Filecoin’s competition

(33:26)    – How does Filecoin handle governance

(34:38)    – What’s on the roadmap for Filecoin

(37:40)    – A Thank you to Filecoin’s community

(38:17)    – A balance between meeting demand and massive capacity




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