Chain Reaction Host Tom Shaughnessy hosts Brian Flynn, the founder of Rabbithole. RabbitHole is pioneering the future of on-chain work, giving users opportunities to earn tokens based on their on-chain data. Its’s an incredible platform to educate the world on crypto and help projects target future contributors

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Show Notes

(2:22)      –  (First Question) - Rabbithole Elevator Pitch.

(3:25)      –  Brian Flynn's Background.

(6:15)      –  Stakeholders - Users.

(7:45)      –  Stakeholders - Entire Network.

(9:41)      –  How granular can Teams get without Rabbithole.

(11:06)    –  How do you scale the curation mechanism?

(13:58)    –  XP points Walkthrough.

(16:53)    –  How granular can Rabbithole get on the lessons for XP points.

(20:11)    –  Rabbithole from a Business Perspective.

(20:56)    –  Web3 Social Networks.

(25:30)    –  Could reputation amassed through Rabbithole be used to dig into anonymous Founders.

(30:40)    –  Rabbithole Scaling Factors.

(31:49)    –  Where to find Rabbithole.




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