The Delphi Podcast Host and GP of Delphi Ventures Tom Shaughnessy hosts Andy, the founder of Fractional, the project leading the charge on Fractionalizing NFTs. The two discuss Andy’s journey from MakerDAO, to being an early NBA top shots collector to creating Fractional. They dive into the Fractional project on the reasons behind breaking an NFT into pieces, the process, putting the puzzle back together and much more. Delphi Ventures is a proud investor in Fractional. 

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Show Notes:

(3:12) - First Question: Andy's Background.

(10:44) - Top Shots Elevator Pitch.

(19:07) - Where did the idea of Fractional come from.

(23:04) - Benefits of fractionalizing an NFT / Differences for different types of NFTs.

(26:36) - Thoughts on people sharing a part of a NFT.

(30:51) - Fractionalization Walkthrough.

(34:16) - The Curation Fee.

(41:30) - Fractional buyout structure / Forms of fractionalization.

(48:19) - Fractional plans for the community.

(49:56) - What’s on the horizon for Fractional.

(51:25) - Fractional's Team.

(52:15) - Risks to fractionalizing NFTs.

(54:43) - Thoughts on fractionalized shards through Fractional trading on other blockchains / L2.

(57:03) - Where to find Fractional.




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