Chain Reaction Host Tom Shaughnessy hosts Tascha of Alpha Finance. Alpha Finance Lab (Alpha) is a cross-chain DeFi lab that focuses on building an ecosystem of cross-chain DeFi products to capture unaddressed demand in an innovative and user friendly way. The two discuss leveraged yield farming, AlphaX (perpetuals) and much more in this dive into Alpha Finance.

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Show Notes

(1:51) – How Tascha started in Crypto
(3:06) – Alpha Finance Launching
(3:29) – Alpha, a suite of products
(5:40) – Taking a leveraged Yield Farming position
(9:42) – Attracting people to deposit ETH / Risks
(14:09) – Will Alpha offer 10x leverage
(15:24) – Insights about adding Pools
(16:53) – Partnership with Ave
(18:28) – How does Alpha handle security
(23:11) – Alpha X Launching
(26:16) – Alpha X Funding Rate and mechanics
(29:47) – Anon manipulable Price Feed
(30:44) – Alpha’s Token
(34:27) – Alpha’s Competitors
(36:48) – Where to follow Alpha Finance





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